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Skin-Dry Needling - Collagen Induction Therapy

Learn About This Exciting and Relatively New Procedure!

This treatment is beneficial for wrinkles, fine lines, hyper-pigmentation, hypo-pigmentation, depressed acne scarring and overall strenthening of the skin for the entire face. 

Skin Needling and Collagen Induction Therapy

The science behind this therapy is to stimulate your own skin cell regeneration which supports Collagen AND Elastin production.

Hypochromic (depigmented) skin repigments through the transplantation of melanocytes (pigment producing cells) from normal skin into the hypochromic (depigmented) skin during the needling procedure. It has also been reported that there is flattening of hypertrophic (overgrown) scars. The procedure is performed using a the same instrument as used in Permanent Makeup, under local anaesthesia and is used to treat each scar to pinpoint bleeding. This procedure is repeated every 4 to 8 weeks and no side effects or complications have been reported.

Some distinguishing safety features of skin needling include (versus Laser): 

  • More Economical
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Significantly reduced downtime period for healing
  • Your own body continues producing it's own Collagen AND Elastin for months following procedure

Results vary between clients, with some achieving 90%+ improvement in scarring and others less than 50%. However, all clients achieve some improvements.

Needle length is also a critical issue. The target when we needle the dermis is a layer in the upper dermis called the intermediate reticular dermis. This dermal layer contains the highest number of stem cells which are able to produce new collagen. The epidermis ( the outer layer of the skin ) varies in depth from .05mm on the eyelids to 1.5mm on the soles of the feet. The epidermis of the face ( other than the eyelids ) varies from 0.3mm to 1mm in depth and therefore a 0.75mm to 2mm needle length is more than adequate to reach the intermediate reticular dermis.

Skin needling is now well established as a treatment option for depressed acne scarring. It is a far more cost effective option than fractional laser therapy and delivers very similar results with repeated treatments.

As the skin has a memory and will seek to return to its previous state, I recommend repeated Skin Needling treatments over a period of 1 to 2 years.  I actually get my skin needled every 6 months for maximum cell renewal - I alternate between Skin Needling/Peels/Facials/Micro's & Dermaplaning.  Didn't ya wonder why my skin looks so darned good????  Join my V.I.P. Club for huge savings and be able to get these treatments on an affordable, regular basis! 

Start this therapy today and minimize the need for costly Medical-Grade Peels and Laser treatments in the future!