Skin Care By Jewls
SKIN-DRY NEEDLING (Collagen Induction Therapy)
One Treatment May Eliminate These!

~ $325  The Exclusive Skin Needling Facial ~

Feel and see your skin tighten and tone in just one treatment! Collagen and Elastin continue to reproduce and strengthen for weeks after initial treatment~

Tired of relying on just skin lighteners to remove brown spots?  Dry/Skin Needling (no pain) is a process that uses the same machine as used with Permanent Makeup to dry needle the brown spot (after using a local, topical anesthetic) and just promote some pin-point bleeding - the spot is a little red, but once a scab forms, when it falls off naturally (NO picking) the hyperpigmented spot (brown spot) falls off with the scab!!!!

It is then recommended to use a skin lightening/brightening line to help keep the hyperpigmentation from coming back~ And Always, Always use a sunscreen!

Reduce and possibly eliminate altogether the depressed areas of acne scarring! (may take a few treatments)

Dry/Skin Needling is a relatively new concept that induces collagen/elastin production and removes brown spots (age spots) and minimizes fine lines and acne scarring.  Sometimes only ONE application/treatment is needed for complete restoration!  This treatment is great for Lip Lines, Crows Feet, Age Spots, Frown Lines, Forehead Lines and even Acne Scarring! Be sure to use Growth Factor Serum for Maximum Healing and Skin Rejuvenation!

A Full-Face Skin Needling (Needling Facial) drastically improves skin tone and texture!  Immediately after your treatment, your face will be very red.  The next day it will be a brownish color and feel like a sunburn.  Keep applying Growth Factor Serum throughout the day and by day 3 or 4 you will notice a very firm, tightened and toned skin!  Watch it improve even more in the weeks to come~ it's amazing!

Prices May Vary~Below is approximate pricing for treatments~ (Deeper, More Troublesome Areas May Be Extra~Consult Required)

  • Brown Hyperpigmented (Age) Spots~ $75 (More than one spot? I'll work out a deal with you)
  • Upper Lip and Lines~ $195
  • Full Peri-Oral (Around Entire Mouth Area and Nasal Labial Folds) ~ $225
  • Crows Feet (both eyes)~$175
  • Forehead (Lines and Between Brows)~$225
  • Acne Scarring (Cheek Area- both cheeks)~$325
  • Decollete (Chest)~ $475
  • Full Face (Precise Detail Wrinkle Needling)~ $475 (Forehead, Crows Feet, Between Brows, Nasal-Labial Folds, and Peri-Oral)
  • Full Face Skin Needling ~ The Exclusive Skin Needling Facial ~ $325 (Drastically Improves Collagen/Elastin Production and evens out skin tone!~Aerating The Skin!)
  • Hands (top of)~ Consult Required

Jewls' always recommends receiving a Signature Facial along with the required background/history of client prior to receiving treatments.  This way a more precise consultation along with a proper skin care regimen can be introduced for maximum results~

Just click on the picture to view a larger size~

Before Treatment~
Immediately After Treatment~
A Small Red Spot~
Brown Spot Falls Off With Scab!